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April Foolishness

Okay, okay. Sunday's news post was our April Fools' joke -- we're not turning our front page into a clone of That Other Website, we promise. We do have some real news, though, and we mean it this time.

LJ + Photobucket = <3

For those of you who use Photobucket, it's now even easier to access your albums from LiveJournal! When you're updating your journal, select "Insert Image" (in either the Rich Text or the HTML update page), then select the Photobucket tab. Log in with your Photobucket username and password, and you'll be able to grab your photos and drop them right into your journal. It's a snap.

(And don't worry -- you are logging into Photobucket directly; we never see your Photobucket username and password. There's nothing stored or saved on our end.)

The Voice Posts Heard 'Round The World

We really appreciate your patience as we've been working to get international voice posting set up, and we're really happy to announce that we've finally been able to get a few! We've added numbers in Australia, Canada, Japan, and two numbers in the UK. If you live in the US, we've also added a new and easier-to-remember toll-free number, too! Check out the Voice Post page for further details.

And, as a "thank you" for everyone's patience while we've been working out our recent voice post difficulties, we'll be upping the voice post quota for the months of April and May for paid users to 30, instead of 20. We're really sorry about the hassle some of you have been experiencing with voice posting, and we're working hard on making sure things run more smoothly in the future.

Last Exit Before The Highway Deadline

The deadline for LJ's first writing contest is coming up this weekend! In honor of National Women's History Month, the contest challenge is to write an essay about how women's issues and/or women's history have affected you personally. We're awarding grand prizes of $500 each to two winners -- one chosen by us, and one chosen by the community from a set of finalists chosen by us -- and we'll also donate a $500 prize in the winners' name to one of four charitable organizations.

Beyond the cold hard cash, though, you'll have a chance to have your writing read by tons of people, get bragging rights about being our first contest winners, and a nice line item for your resume, college application, or even your LJ profile. Our judges have been really impressed with the submissions so far, but the time's not up yet.

Submissions will be accepted through 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time, on Saturday, April 7th, 2007. For legal reasons, the contest itself is only open to US residents (of states other than Arizona) age 18 or older, but even if you're not eligible, there's a showcase competition that comes with the bragging rights. Read all the details, and the official rules, in lj_contests.

New V-Gifts

It's spring -- in this hemisphere, at least -- and that means it's the Season of the Marshmallow Peep. (Hands up -- who else likes 'em stale?) To celebrate, we've got new V-gifts available in the Gift Shop. Our themes this month include Easter and Earth Day. (We didn't mean to leave out Passover -- we tried really hard to make some, but nothing came out looking right. If you've got any suggestions for next year, let us know and we'll do our best.)

The Easter v-gifts include Easter eggs, a limited-edition Frank bunny, and jellybeans (partially nibbled on -- Frank got into the candy stash) and the Earth Day v-gifts are a can of biodiesel fuel, an electric car, Frank recycling, and a set of solar panes. And for those of you who have been naughty, look for the rotten eggs.

Earth Day Charity V-Gift

We don't all celebrate the same holidays, but we do all live on planet Earth!

This month, to help celebrate Earth Day on April 22, you can send the Plant a Tree V-gift to your friends. All the proceeds will go to a wonderful organization called Heifer International. Heifer's mission is to work with communities around the world to help end hunger and poverty and care for the earth.

Heifer lets donors purchase livestock for families, and their philosophy is built on sustainability and "paying it forward". frank has been wanting to go volunteer with them for a while, but we need him here for important things like eating pants and grazing on the homepage. At least this way his goat friends can go volunteer their time and energy to a good cause.

This is the second of our ongoing series of charity V-gifts. In March, your generosity raised over $1400 for Women for Women International, through sales of our "Rosie the Riveter" charity V-gift. For April, why not plant a tree on your friends' profiles and help send a goat to a family in need?

Style Fixes

No, not the kind of style fix that involves telling people not to wear knee socks with sandals, although as we tiptoe into warmer weather, that'll become even more important. Thanks to the hard work of a number of our volunteer contributors, we're releasing a number of bugfixes for some of our system layouts. If there's been something driving you nuts about the display of a layout in your favorite browser, check to see if it's fixed. And major thanks to everyone who contributed a fix -- you guys are just as cool as stale Peeps. If not cooler.

Watch this space over the coming weeks for more about what we're up to. In the meantime, save some of those Peeps for me. (We're currently in the midst of a Great Office Argument about whether they're better fresh or stale. Back me up here, guys!)

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