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line is foar more photobucket?

We has a Photobucket

In our last post, we announced integration between LJ and Photobucket, to let you easily add your Photobucket photos from the Update page. Photobucket has done some awesome work on their side (thanks, guys!) so when you're looking on your photo share pages, you'll see a link to post to your LiveJournal.

When you're viewing an individual image or video, click on the share link and select the LiveJournal tab. The first time you click it, you'll need to enter your LJ information, but after that it will be saved for any future uploads. And nobody be stealing your (photo)bucket.

Widgets, Media and Embedding

All stupid internet memes aside, you may have noticed that one of our major goals for 2007 is to make it easier for you to add content from elsewhere on the web. We want to make sure your journal reflects you. So, now you can embed media and widgets into your journal from any provider!

To embed a widget or media such as videos, slideshows, or countdowns into your journal, grab the code and click on the little CD icon on the Update page. The icon will open up a box where you can paste in full embedding codes.

Don't worry, your embedded content will show up in an iframe with a placeholder, so it doesn't auto-play. Previous whitelisted providers (Photobucket, YouTube, Google, etc.) will be displayed without the iframe, same as before.

Tell a Friend!

Have you ever written an exciting entry in your LJ and couldn't wait for your friends to read it on their Friends page? Or maybe you posted some party photos with friends or family in them, and you worry they won't remember to check your journal to see them. Or maybe you've read a great entry on a community that you know one of your friends would love to see.

We've brought back the Tell A Friend feature, which is a link that will let you email an entry to anyone, whether or not they have an LJ account. We hope it'll help you remind your friends and family that -- hello! -- you've got something to say over here! To use this, click the Tell a Friend image on any page it displays:

Public entries on journals and communities can be shared by anyone, to any email address. Friends-only entries can only be shared by the person who wrote them. We'll be adding new functionality to this feature in future releases, so stay tuned.

Survey Says...

What does LiveJournal mean to you? Do you ever think about it? We do -- constantly. We're always trying to make the right decisions in making LJ more fun, more powerful and easier to use, and we rely on your help.

If you'd like to give us a hand, we have a quick survey that will take just a few minutes to ask you a few questions. We'll use your answers to help guide decisions over the coming months. We're limiting responses to the first 1,000, to make sure we can consider the feedback of everyone who answers. (And sorry, no Frank buck$ for completing it.)

Take the survey now! (It's hosted with SurveyMonkey because we're looking for data an LJ poll can't provide.)
(You guys are quick -- we got the first thousand already, thanks!)

And the winner is ...

Well, okay, we aren't quite ready to reveal the Grand Prize winner of the Writing Contest, because first you guys need to decide on the Community Grand Prize Winner. If you'd like to read the essays of our ten "community prize" finalists, head on over to lj_contests and cast a vote.

Voting will end at 11:59 PDT on Monday, April 30, 2007. We'll announce both winners shortly thereafter. Huge thanks to everyone who participated -- we really enjoyed reading all the fantastic entries. We'll be running other contests in the future, so stay tuned!

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