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May the 4th Be With You

Need A Username Makeover?

Has anyone ever accused you of having the worst username ever? Well you're in luck, because we've just released a whole mass of usernames that are now up for grabs!

We haven't purged usernames in two whole years, which means a ton of usernames have been unavailable until now. To help you comb through these newly available usernames, we created the purged accounts page. You can search for a specific username, or just browse. It's strangely addictive!

If you find a new username you like, you can rename your journal or community without losing any information. Your account status, profile, entries, and other account-related information remain the same and all existing comments in other journals and entries in communities will display your new username. (That means if you're entering into the Witness Protection Program, you might want to use the Edit Journal Privacy tool instead.)

Rename tokens cost $15 and can be purchased by any account level. Purchase your token in the Gift Shop.

We're going to give out a couple of rename tokens to commenters here, so if you want a chance at a free one be sure to comment with "I want a rename!" and tell us why. If you don't want a rename, you can 'vote' for who deserves a rename by responding to their comment.

» Check out the newly available usernames.

Paid Account Upgrade: Recent Comments

Everybody likes a free upgrade! We just expanded the Recent Comments page for Paid Account holders. You used to be able to read and manage 50 of the most recent comments you made and received, but now you can see up to 100. The Recent Comments page is located under the Journal menu on the Manage Comments page (for those of you using the Horizon site scheme) or bookmark this link.

New V-gifts: Mother's Day & Graduation

We're tipping our caps to all the moms and graduates celebrating this month. You can show your love by sending any of these new v-gifts.

» Purchase v-gifts in the Gift Shop.

And The Winner Is ...

Congratulations to the winners of our LiveJournal Non-Fiction Writing Contest. Our Grand Prize Winner, chosen by a team of LiveJournal staff, is pollinia. Our Community Grand Prize Winner, chosen by the LJ community, is catchingspirit. You can read their essays, along with the showcase submissions, in lj_contests. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Wanted: QA Engineer (with no known allergies to goats)

LiveJournal is looking for a full-time QA Engineer to work out of our San Francisco office. Read the full job description for details and instructions on how to apply.

LiveJournal 4 Life

THIS JUST IN: frank wants to tell you all that Permanent Accounts are going on sale in June!

Permanent Accounts have all the great features of a Paid Account, plus 10 GB of storage, the maximum number of userpics and you'll never have to worry about making a payment again! They only go on sale once every year or two and the sale only lasts a very short time.

Why not graduate to a Permanent Account? Frank wanted to tell you in advance that the sale is coming so you could make plans and save up if you need to. You'll pay one fee (it will be $150 again this time around) to enjoy LiveJournal 4 Life.

» Sign up to get notified as soon as Permanent Accounts go on sale.

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