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You Say It's Your Birthday...

I'm Sorry I Forgot Your Birthday

Have you ever forgotten one of your LJ friends' birthdays and felt really guilty afterward? Well, we've got you covered because LJ birthday reminders are back! (Comment if you remember birthday notifications, because that means you're old skool.)

That's right, every time one of your LJ friends has a birthday coming up, we'll send you an email a few days ahead of time. That will give you plenty of time to plan a surprise party, send them a v-gift, or sing happy birthday to them in a voice post on your journal. You'll look like a hero!

Just go to the Friends and Communities section in your Message Settings to turn on birthday reminders.

A Little Goes A Long Way

frank would like to extend a congratulations and a heartfelt thanks to everyone who purchased a “Plant A Tree” charity v-gift in April. You guys helped raise $1,672.68 that will be donated to That will buy exactly 13.939 goats that will help feed hungry families and give them a resource for income in the future. Wait...OK, let’s just top that off to 14 goats, because .939 goats isn’t going help anyone.

A huge round of applause for everyone who donated! We'll bring back more charity v-gifts in a few months.

Testing 1-2-3: New Logged-In Home Page!

We’ve been trying to figure out how to make the homepage a lot more useful, informative and personalized after you've logged in. Let's face it, if you're signed in, the home page is kind of plain-looking with only a few links.

After a lot of planning, redesigns and research, we’ve come up with a version of the homepage that we're now beta testing. It's styled more like the logged-out homepage, which we launched a few months ago. Based on votes in a poll we posted to the lj_feedback community, we also pulled in the most useful modules from MyLJ.

If you'd like to try it out, click the “Homepage Beta” link in the navigation menu.

Once you've tried it out, click on the feedback link to give us your thoughts. We plan to add more functionality, and your feedback will help prioritize which things to add next. Check it out, and let us know what you think!

Sponsored Themes: Havaianas

The folks at Havaianas, the sandal company from Brazil, have created some new themes for you to use. Over the next two months, we’ll be adding in new Havaianas-designed themes every few weeks. Get them while they’re hot though, as they’ll only be available for a few months and then they're gone.

Basic and Plus users can find the Havaianas themes on the Customize page in the "Sponsored themes" box. They're available to all users via the dropdown menu on that page as well.

In Search Of Engineers. Must Love Goats.

LiveJournal is looking for a full-time Software Engineer to work out of our San Francisco office. Read the full job description for details and instructions on how to apply. Six Apart is also looking for a MySQL DBA/Engineer. Come work with us. There is free soda in the kitchen.

Coming Soon

Even though it’s the start of summer here and some of us have beach time on our brains, the team has been hard at work building new features and fixing older ones. Here are a few things to look forward to in the coming weeks:

  • Private messaging -- Finally, we're adding a way to send messages within LJ! There will be the privacy options and spam management settings you've come to expect from LJ, plus archives of deleted messages and, believe it or not, an easy way for you to manage all of your notifications that have been piling up.

  • Vertigo -- It's the sister site scheme to Horizon, with all the goodness of Dystopia (such as no drop-down menus) plus a clean look that gives you access to all the great features in LJ. Thanks to everyone who has given us feedback about Vertigo in the lj_design community!

  • Improved Directory Search -- We've spent a few months working to improve this feature to run faster and work better! As promised last year, we're also going to open it up to Plus users. It'll be released in stages, and eventually we'll also add a better interface for all our search options.

Stay tuned to news in the coming weeks for more information!

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