No Ads Month For Active Authors, Quick Notifications And New Virtual Gifts

Dear friends,

we hope you are well and we would like to share some good news with you!

No Ads Month For Active Authors

We know, that most of us right now live in a rather uncomfortable situation. We have thought how we could help to make your time with LiveJournal more comfortable. 

So we will disable ads for a month for all active authors. For active authors who have Professional package, we will extend it for one month.

LJ Mascots Frank the goat and Mr. Kapusta are preparing for the summer
LJ Mascots Frank the goat and Mr. Kapusta are preparing for the summer
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And more great news for you!

Until January 31st you can buy Professional package with a 20% discount.

Professional package gives you access to detailed blog statistics, ability to add reminder notes to users, access to your friends' friends feed, no advertising for logged in visitors and much more.

LJ mascots Frank the Goat and Mr. Kapusta read their friends of friends feeds
LJ mascots Frank the Goat and Mr. Kapusta read their friends of friends feeds

Hurry up to buy Professional package with a discount in LJ Shop until January 31st!


How was your 2018?

Dear friends,

In the end of the year we traditionally sum up our year. And this means you could make your own infographic about your blog!

Mr Kapusta cares to finish all important stuff in 2018

Open “Your 2018 in LJ” page and get your personal card!

You could share this card in your blog and social networks by clicking button above the card.

Happy New year! And have a happy year in LiveJournal!

With love,
LiveJournal team


New Year discount in LJ Shop

Good news! 

There's 18% discount in LJ Shop for next two weeks!

Discount applies to all goods except LJ Tokens and promo services.

For example, you could buy or extend Professional package of service and get:

  • up to 100GB of the storage space for photos and videos;
  • no ads, also your visitors won't see ads while they're logged in;
  • extended statistics;
  • up to 8000 tags;
  • mass mailout for community (if you'll buy the package for the community you maintain);
  • and much more.

You could also change userhead, rename account or buy some virtual gifts for your friends, and all of it with 18% discount!

With love,
LiveJournal Team


Subscriptions and Subscribers service

We're happy to announce Subscriptions and Subscribers service! 

Sometimes you want to add somebody as a friend, but you doubt if you want to show them your friends-only entries. 

Now you can read them in your friends feed, not affecting privacy. 

Subscriptions are journals who you just want to read. Subscribers are journals who are subscribed to you. 

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We are happy to announce that all LiveJournal pages work via HTTPS from now.

Use of encryption protects user cookies and transmitted data. LiveJournal got A+ for HTTPS support by the Qualysys test service.

Preparing for moving to a secure protocol took more than six months, we tried to foresee all possible difficulties and make moving process technologically inconspicuous for users.  Images stored on third-party hosts that do not support the HTTPS protocol for security purposes are now loading through secure proxy.

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Facebook posts import

We have some good news! You are now able to import your public Facebook entries to LiveJournal automatically. You can make posts on both platforms at once, increasing your posts' reach and allowing users on both platforms to respond. New posts will be archived and be easily accessible by their publication date in your calendar.

You can set up the import of your public Facebook posts to LiveJournal at the 'extensions' tab of your account settings. You will be able to choose import period and whether to import your new public posts automatically. LiveJournal entries cross-posted to Facebook will not be imported back again. You can edit the privacy level of imported entries and add your own tags to the post.

Your subscribers will not receive notifications about old Facebook posts imported to LiveJournal; however, if you choose to import new posts automatically, your LiveJournal subscribers will receive the usual new post notification.

The "from Facebook" tag is added to all the posts imported from Facebook.