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LiveJournal: Important Updates

Control of LiveJournal as a blogging platform has been transferred to SUP Media LLC, a legal entity based in the Russian Federation. This decision stems from the urge to become closer to our users, most of whom live in Europe and Russia. Every LiveJournal user will be offered to sign the new User Agreement with SUP Media. Paid services, however, will still be provided by Live Journal Inc.

Despite the changes, LiveJournal remains an international blogging platform. Specifically, LiveJournal’s policy on user privacy and data security has undergone no major changes.

Starting from April 4th 2017, non-authorized users will see advertisements on all LiveJournal pages.

The accounts system is simplified. Accounts are now differentiated only by their authorization type:
- Account (authorization via LiveJournal login and password);
- Identity Account (authorization via social networks accounts or OpenID).

LiveJournal users can continue using additional packages of services to expand the potential of their accounts. The “Professional” services package, available in the LiveJournal Shop, is almost identical to the former Paid account package – except that available disk space has been increased to 100 GB. Accounts with the “Permanent” services package (formerly Permanent accounts) now have 1 TB disk space available.

All accounts with additional services packages in effect on April 4th 2017, will be granted extra time for those packages. They will be extended by half of the last paid period.
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Quick comments

We're pleased to announce the quick comments feature which allows you to comment on your friends' entries directly from the Friends Feed.

qc2-en (2).png
To comment on an entry, just type your comment in the box provided and press Enter (this doesn't reload the page, so you can just continue reading your feed from your previous position). HTML, images, videos, and mentioning other LJ users by their usernames are allowed in quick comments. You can also edit or delete the quick comment you left directly from the Friends Feed.

This feature is available in the new design and new Feed only.
You can switch to the new design by clicking the link in the upper right page corner, and the Friends Feed is available at (where 'username' is your LiveJournal username). We're looking forward to hearing your feedback!
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With all our hearts

At long last, we're pleased to announce a new feature. Now, in journal and community entries, there's a button you can click to show the author you liked their entry.
I like this entry.png
We aim to make feedback to authors easier and quicker, as users don’t always have time to come up with a long comment, while short ones (like “+1” or ”cool photo”) often make us feel awkward. Yet it’s so important that authors receive feedback from their readers! Pressing the heart button is simple - it's like waving your hand to a friend, saying "Hi there, I read you!", or writing "Great post, thanks". This can often be the motivation for our favorite authors to write more.

A few words about new settings and options:

We are anxious and excited to hear your opinion about this new feature:) We hope you like it, but don’t hesitate to tell us what you don’t like or inform us of any problems you come across. We truly appreciate your feedback. So click the heart! :)

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LiveJournal app for iOS

Hi all, it's been a while...

We have released new LiveJournal app for iOS. It's available for free (for devices on iOS 8 and higher).

This is a totally new mobile app - modern, convenient and of high standard for iOS apps. Explore LJ without even having to log in or register - all you need is download the app. Unique tree-structured comments system allows you to keep track of all important discussions. And it's fast, too! Publishing your posts, downloading feed, crossposting to social networks - in a flash. The data is cached, which means no connection break will prevent you from reading entries and comments once they've been downloaded. And while you're offline, you can write and save drafts and post them once the connection is restored.

We would very much appreciate your feedback!
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New mobile view, mass comment deletion

Hi all!

We have 2 new changes to announce today:

Mobile view changes

In order to better accommodate mobile device screens, mobile web browsers will now display journals in LiveJournal's default style, Air. This style is optimized for use on mobile devices, whereas most other styles were designed with the intent of being viewed on a computer's web browser with a much larger screen. This change does not affect how your journal will display when viewed on a computer's web browser; your journal will continue to display using your specified style unless a mobile web browser is viewing your journal.

There is an opt-out available for this feature. Free accounts opting-out of using the Air style for mobile devices will still be able to view their own journal in their selected style. Paid & Permanent accounts opting-out of using the Air style for mobile devices will also allow others viewing their journal on mobile devices to see their journal in their selected style. This settings is available on the Display section of the Settings page, and is listed as "Mobile View".

Mass comment deletion

When deleting a comment from a user in your journal or community, you will now have the option to delete all comments from that user in that post, or to delete all comments that user has ever posted in the journal or community. The menu for this will appear when you delete a comment, and the boxes for mass deletion are not selected by default.

We hope you enjoy the changes, and please let us know if you run into any problems!
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New Site Navigation Menu

Today, we've launched an updated version of the site navigation menu! The new menu was designed to be less cluttered, making it easier to get to the pages and features used by most people on a daily basis. The remaining settings and management options, such as the edit profile and manage custom friends groups pages, are now accessible through the Settings page.

We're also putting a heavier emphasis on adaptability. The new menu is designed to function well on a variety of different devices, all of which use vastly different screen sizes and resolutions. This will make the site much easier to use from mobile devices, in particular.

The new site navigation menu also replaces the navigation strip, which previously appeared on the latest entries and friends pages. This helps ensure that site navigation remains the same no matter what page you're viewing.

We hope you enjoy the changes, and please let us know if you run into any bugs or problems with the menu.

Note that the updated menu version is only for the redesigned version of the LiveJournal site. If you are using the older version of the site, the menu changes do not apply.

[Edit] Known issues & updates:

  • The old version of the friends page (/friends) is not applying friends filters. This will be fixed in an upcoming release.

  • The option for switching to the old version of the site has moved; it is now available as the last option at
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Best comments, related entries update & new captcha

Hi all, we have a few changes to the site to announce today!

Best Comment & other comment page updates

The new Best Comment feature allows you to pick one comment in your entry and highlight it at the top of the comments section. You can use this to highlight any comment on an entry which you find to be especially interesting, funny, useful, or relevant to the discussion.

To select a comment, just click on the green star icon (green star) in the hover menu for the comment. Once a comment has been selected, it will appear at the top of the comments section with a "Best" icon (Best comment) and will also appear with this icon in its normal place within the comments section. This feature works in both personal journals and communities, but only the person who posts the entry can select a Best Comment.

Additional changes to the comment page have also been made to update the icon set which appears when hovering over a comment, and the 'link' function has been moved to the timestamp section. Clicking on the date & time of any comment will take you to thread for that comment.

All changes mentioned above only apply to the system commenting scheme; custom comment pages have not been changed.

Related Entries

The Related Entries feature has been updated to permit use of friends only entries. If you post a Friends Only entry and select to include the Related Entries feature, it will display both Friends Only and Public entries. If a Public entry is posted, only Public entries will appear in the module. The Related Entries only shows previews of entries that the viewer has access to see. Please note that Custom security level content will not appear in the module; this is to ensure that the module is consistent for everyone when it is viewed.

Captcha update & bug fixes

We began using a new captcha provider last week (the "prove you are human" tests). Unfortunately, it was causing issues in several cases, most commonly when custom comment pages were being used or when someone attempted to switch to commenting anonymously. These issues should be fixed now, but we encourage anyone still having problems with these to open a support request with as much information on when problems occur as possible.
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Related Entries, personalized LJ Maps, and Remember

Hello everyone! Today, we have 2 new features to talk about as well as an update on the Remember LiveJournal promotion.

Related Entries

The Related Entries feature has been added to the site which allows you to include a preview of your other entries at the bottom of any public post you make. The previews will appear to anyone directly viewing the entry, and you can choose to show up to 9 of your most recent entries, entries using the same tag as the one you are posting, or include specific entry URLs you would like to include. This feature can be used in a variety of ways, such as promoting your other entries, allowing others to quickly find things you've written on the same subject in the past, or as an easy way to link to other chapters of your book. For additional information on how to use this feature, check out the FAQ!

Related Entries

Personalized maps for LJ Maps

LJ Maps has been updated to include the ability for you to have your own personal version of the map which displays only your entries which have been added to the map. You can share this map with others as well, and in the near future we'll be adding embedding support so you can include your map in your profile or an entry to easily show others your places on the map! For additional information on how to use this feature, please see the LJ Maps FAQ.

Remember LiveJournal invite limit increased

Based on feedback, we have increased the daily number of invites that can be sent through the Remember LiveJournal from 2 to 10.